Be YouNick Biography, Family, Net Worth, Age & More

Hello Friends, Today I will be telling you about Nikunj running Be YouNick channel, Nikunj is an Indian Youtuber. Nikunj’s YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers, and this figure is growing very fast.

Their video almost goes on trading as soon as they come, if they talk about their video then their video is very unique like their channel. Every video of them is funny and short. If you do not know about Nikunj ie Biunik, then let me tell you.

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Be YouNick Biography

Nikunj was born on 29 November 1989 in Mumbai Maharashtra. He is from a Gujarati family if his childhood was talked about like the rest of the children. He was quite creative at the time of his school.

But even after being a topper, it used to be a backbencher who used to spend most of the time with his friends. After finishing school, Nikunj took Edmison at Mumbai’s Architecture College and started his Bachelor of Architecture from there.

Be YouNick Career

After coming to Nikunj College, his school fun did not get used to joking and Nikunj decided to make this hobby his passion and started uploading comedy short videos from his mobile.

After this he never lost courage and kept putting videos continuously. After that he took the tripod with the help of his friend and then used to record videos with his help.

Nikunj worked at Never Ending to cover his expenses. Apart from this, there came a time when he moved to Goa for 1 year and when he came back from there, he had no money and his family members took his expenses. The financial condition of his family was not as good.

Forced with money, Nikunj worked in a call center. After doing all these things, Nikunj never stopped making videos, it was the biggest thing for him because he knew that he will get success at some time. He got this recognition when the chance in sports went viral.

This video went viral due to his millions of views and subscribers started growing rapidly. Nikunj had worked very hard and struggled. Today there are more than 36 million subscribers on their channel, soon they are going to have 4 million subscribers.

Beyounick Nikunj’s Favorite

  • Favorite Food: – Vada Pow
  • Favorite Actor: – Govinda
  • Favorite Film: – Deewana Mastana
  • Favorite Singer: – Lucky Ali
  • Favorite YouTube channel: – Life According to jimmy
  • Favorite Sport: – Football

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