Deepak Joshi Biography, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, & More

You know that tik tok is a very popular social media platform in today’s time. Tik Tok keeps pushing new talent often as aap people know that I put biography posts on my blog.

Deepak Joshi Biography

If they look at their biography to do something like this

  • name– Deepak Joshi
  • Nick Name – Deepu
  • DOB – April 4, 2004
  • Father’s name – not mentioned
  • Mother’s name – not mentioned
  • Address-Sirohi Rajasthan
  • Hair colour– Brown
  • Tik Tok fans – 7.4M
  • Insta– 257k fans
  • Weight-57kg
  • Nationality – Hindustani

About Deepak Joshi

You know that tik tok is a very popular social media platform in today’s time. Tik Tok keeps pushing new talent often as aap people know that I put biography posts on my blog. Meanwhile, today I am going to tell you about tik Tok star Deepak joshi, so please tell logon without any delay.

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Deepak Joshi is an actor modelar creative talent tik tok star who has gained popularity on Tik Tok due to his acting. Let me tell you that it makes lip-sync videos on Tik Tok. It is said to be the second cutest boy on Tik Tok after Riyaz.

It has achieved considerable publicity in a very short time. If you are also a fan of Deepak Joshi tik. So do comment below as well as share the post.

Deepak Joshi tik Tok pic

Or Deepak Joshi is a pic of tik Tok . Also, if you want more photos taken from this Instagram, then you can collect it by visiting its official Instagram profile.

Deepak Joshi tik Tok videos

Want to see Deepak Joshi’s tik talk videos. So you can see from its official Tik Tok profile. You will think that I have told this thing here kyu, well it is a matter of someone to tell. So let me tell you that many people related to these come to Google and search, so I had to tell you this knowledge.

Depak Joshi home address

Let us tell you that he was born on 8 April 2004 in sirohi Rajasthan and currently he now lives in his home Sirohi Rajasthan.

Deepak Joshi contact number

They have not shared their contact number on social media and they will not do so as it may cause problems later.

Special facts in Deepak Joshi tik Tok

1. Let me tell you, till this post reaches you, then there is something changing in the profile of Deepak Joshi. I am not responsible for this.

2. You will be surprised to know that Deepak Joshi has not made videos without glasses till date. He told that when he made videos, he used to read sunlight in his eyes due to which he used to put glasses but he did not know that the style of his glasses would be liked by people on Tik Tok so Wow always wore glasses. Let’s make videos.

3. You should also know that Deepak Joshi is also compared to Riyaz.14. By the way, you can tell your opinion in the comment section who is the best, by the way, Deepak Joshi is still far behind Riyaz whether he is a name, famous or anything else.

4. You may not know that Deepak Joshi became famous on tik tok within just 6 months, every video of these started going viral and for this reason he is such a popular Tik Tok star today.

Final words

Whatever I have told you in this post. I have made all that information available from the internet to you guys. I hope you like Deepak Joshi tik Tok biography , for the moment, you get only this much for a new post till then you can read more of our post and yes share this post with your friends too and our work Succeed thanks ..

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