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Hello friends, so today we are going to talk about a boy from Delhi who has made a different identity on the strength of his powerful comedy on YouTube and who has broken into the realm of YouTube and also stepped into Bollywood, friends you’ll tell India a young YouTuber Harsh Beniwal Biography about who has won the hearts of millions of young men with his superb acting.

Harsh Beniwal Biography

Friends, the joy born Beniwal February 13, 1996, in Pitampura area of Delhi | Friends Harsh was quite fond of acting since childhood and he always had a lot of Haya your friends in your class with your comedy. Harsh Beniwal had learned his studies dance she went hobbies completed and the acting of “Maharaja Agrasen School” Delhi. 

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And while walking along he in Aurobindo College of Delhi BCA on admission took and here also kept Continue your dance.

Friends are quite fond of the animal’s joy of childhood and he was like a member of own house animals treat is used to them ” Pet Lover”The name is also known.

Harsh Beniwal quick bio:

NameHarsh beniwal
Birthdate13 februry 1996
BirthplacePeetampura, new delhi
SchoolMaharaja agrsen public school delhi
collegeArbindo college new delhi
ProfessionYoutuber, actor, comedian
QualificationBCA dropout at arbindo college 
youtube channelHarsh Beniwal
Social media accountFacebook, instagram and youtube


So friends, the story of Harsha becoming a star from a normal boy started from his college where he learned to dance and due to his excellent dance he became very famous in his college and school but he pursued his acting dream. thought about and I’ve joined a theater in Delhi where he had little acting also learned that in the future they’re considerable.

Friends, happy ever wanted to do the job he always included his family members by his complete an actor wanted to support. Harsh his acting as “front logo Media Social” to through thought of bringing many research them after the vines came to the idea of making a video that’s out that country than in the famous used.

Friends Harsh its first video 5. may 2015 to Instagram and on Facebook do fly more than the fun of them during his many friends on the page and several friends said what these sardine ding surplus up to here | But the joy of creating not disappointed and videos.


Friends, now Harsh started putting his videos on youtube in addition to Facebook and Instagram but did not get much response due to which he went to his mother disappointed and share his talk to his mother and his mother also gave him all his work added to this once happy by Refusing new idea conceived and created a new video “on the” who on YouTube viral went and did just then. After the video, Harsh never looked ever behind and in no time she youtube star became. Recently, he has also stepped into Bollywood and Harsh is now different actors with the web series are also.

Youtube channel :  

Friends, Harsh Beniwal youtube on a channel called the ” Harsh Beniwal” only this channel their 13 million subscriber millions are also growing with the time.

Team members:

Friends happy his team credit for its success members attach to which they also his friends his team Friend Mohit Chakra, Pratishtha Sharma, Mayank Mishra, and many friends also have their video to make even more fun.

Income and networth:

Friends, it comes Harsh Beniwal’s income and net worth if their income over $ 7.71k to and networth $ 230k from Lk38 M until.

Social media:

Friends, Harsh Beniwal Instagram on millions of followers and Facebook also millions on followers exists. 
youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=harsh+beniwal
Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/harshbeniwal/?hl=en
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/harshbeniwalofficial/

Quots and thought:

Friends , today Harsh Beniwal should always obey never lose the people’s say in your interview if you have your work passion so keep with you will come to success.


So, we also Harsh Beniwal’s motivation and inspiration to their goal, we get to learn a lot of stories your passion should not leave any time to get him to continue to be the work. So folks have been Harsh Beniwal Biography Casey started we must comment.


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