Karan Sehgal Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Income & More

Karan Sehgal is an Indian Blogger, YouTuber, Famous Instagram Star, and a Content Creator, Karan shares his luxury lifestyle with people through his Instagram and YouTube platforms.

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He is very much liked by the people for his travel videos, food reaction videos and his luxury lifestyle, Karan has traveled to more than 15 countries so far. Karan is very sad about luxury bikes and cars.

He is often seen driving new luxury bikes and cars in his videos. Today Karan Sehgal’s name comes in India’s top vlogger .

Karan Sehgal Biography

Karan Sehgal was born on 22 February 1994 in Delhi, now Karan is 27 years old, his father is a retired colonel, Karan has not yet shared any personal or family information on the Internet.

Karan Sehgal Sister Name – Latika Sehgal

But in Karan Sehgal video, we often see his family, he calls his father as Colonel Saheb in his video. Karan’s family has supported Karan from the very beginning.

Profession – Vlogger

Karan Sehgal Age – 27 Years

Interests – Traveling, Vlogging, Luxury Life

Karan Sehgal Job – Self Employed

Karan Sehgal Car – Mercedes E-Class

Karan Sehgal Social Media 

Karan Sehgal has been continuously active on Instagram and YouTube for many years, Karan started his YouTube channel 4 years ago on 22 May 2017, and Karan also uploaded his first vlog on YouTube on the same day, his first post on Instagram Uploaded 3 February 2016.

Karan Sehgal shares his experience of traveling video, food lover, luxury lifestyle in his vlog.

Karan Sehgal is active on YouTube, Instagram for about 4 to 5 years, today 6 lakh 88 thousand subscribers have come on Karan’s YouTube channel KARAN SEHGAL .

And has uploaded more than 450 videos on his YouTube channel, so far more than 110 million views have come on his YouTube channel.

Karan Sehgal has uploaded around 850 posts on his Instagram account so far, he currently has 150k followers on his Instagram account, Karan Sehgal is one of the richest Indian Instagram star.

Karan Sehgal Car And Bike Collection

Karan Sehgal is very fond of luxury cars and bikes from the beginning, he is seen driving luxury cars or bikes many times in his videos, he also owns a Mercedes e class car, and also a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 super bike. is near.

Karan Sehgal Net worth

Karan Sehgal lives a luxury lifestyle, his net worth is around 1.5 to 2 million dollars, apart from this he owns a Mercedes-e-class luxury car which costs around 65 to 80 lakh rupees.

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