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Friends, if you are doing any work in today’s time, then there comes a time when you do not feel like doing that work, in such a situation your motivation is very important. Whenever you start feeling bored in doing work, you must have watched the Motivation video on YouTube.

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So do the same thing to Motivet by some of his videos on YouTube Mahendra Dogney , he is an Indian Motivational Speaker, the YouTuber and Tiktok star them a very famous YouTube channel called MD Motivation.

Mahendra Dogne had more than 1.5M followers on TikTok  and he was counted among the famous TikTok Stars of India. In this post, I will give you detailed information about Mahendra Dogney Biography.

Mahendra Dogney Biography

Mahendra Dogney hails from Harda, the smallest district of Madhya Pradesh, and was born on 16 April 1989. He belongs to a middle class Hindu family and he loves to motive people. For this reason, he started his YouTube channel and today many people like him.

Mahendra Dogney’s career ups and downs

Mahendra Dogney was very weak in studies as a child, so she  came to supplimentry in the seventh grade. Then as soon as he progressed and took admission in the ninth grade in the Admission Excellence School and there he also came in his ninth grade supplimentry and he could not even pass the supplimentry and he was dropped out of school, so his friends used to tease him a lot.

Since he was less interested in studies, he decided that he would no longer study further, but his housemates did a lot of force  and got his admission in a government school where he had to study back to class ninth. This time he worked very hard and in this school, he topped class X and then he  started preparing for competition exams .

In Josh Tox’s interview, he told that he loved to be like girls and he used to dress in girls wearing garb.

After passing the exams, she took the competition exam and became a selection SBI clerk  , but she did not join it because she had to do something different in her life.

The family members were very angry at him for leaving the job, so he left home one day and stayed away from home for a year and in those days he learned a lot from his life, he came back home upset and his father Started working in the garage with

He decided for competition exams again one year and then he was selected in Syndicate bank but he did not join it either.

Then he  started his own institute called Change Academy and he  started getting the children ready for exams , along with that he started motivating the children. Seeing this, he opened many branches of his institute and his life started going well and started earning well.

Then suddenly there was a new twist in his story and in 2017, he closed all branches and started his channel MD Motivation on YouTube and started making videos and today, due to this, he is making his mark in the middle of the logo.

Family of Mahendra Dogney

Mahendra Dogney did not even share information about his family, but in the talk of Josh, he told so much that his father has a mechanic shop and has shared information about his brother on social media. Mahendra Dogne’s brother’s name is Shivendra Dogney .

Mahendra Dogney’s marital status

Mahendra Dogne is still single and has no girlfriend.

Mahendra Dogney Physical condition of Mahendra Dogney

Mahendra’s height is 5 feet 8 inches and he weighs about 72 kg. The color of their hair is black and the color of their eyes is also black.

Mahendra Dogney’s journey on YouTube

Mahendra Dogne started his YoutTube Channel MD MOTIVATION motivation ki aag in 2017 and worked hard for four months, then a video of him went viral which was seen by 6.3M people in just 15 days. Today Mahendra Dogne’s YouTube channel has more than 1.6M subscribers  . And through this channel, they are promoting millions of people.

Mahendra Dogney TikTok

Mahendra Dogne has around 9M followers on Tiktok  and has 230M likes  and one of his videos was watched by more than 20M people. That is why today they  are counted among the popular TikTok stars , today they have everything to do with wealth.

Mahendra Dogney on Instagram

There are  934k followers on Mahendra Dogne’s  Instagram account, he also keeps posting short inspiration videos on Instagram and sharing Motivational posts.

Mahendra Dogney Networth

Mahendra Dogne’s main income source is YouTube channel as well as events for Motivational Speech, all of which together he earns around 5-6 lakhs.

Mahendra Dogney Social Media Accounts


Friends, today we read about Mahendra Dogney Biography, his life has been very uphill but he never gave up and worked hard to get to his destination and brought color. Friends, hope that you too learn something from their life so that you can achieve your goal.

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