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Today we are going to talk about Manoj Dey  , whose video you see on YouTube, which is liked by one million people today, so let’s know  the biography of Manoj Dey  ,  how he changed his life from mobile . Let us first know who is Manoj Dey .

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Who is Manoj dey

Although Manoj Dey does not need any introduction, yet we know some basic details about him, Manoj Dey is one of India’s best youtuber and digital marketer  , who is the owner of two popular channels on YouTube today, Which has become the choice of more than one million people today. Manoj Dey posts videos related to technology and youtube tips. 

Manoj Dey was born on 12th July 1997 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, (India). At that time Manoj Dey’s father ran a cycle repairing shop and mother was a housewife. Manoj Deya was an ordinary boy born in a middle class poor family, who today has become extraordinary from ordinary to mobile, YouTube and his hard work. Talking about manoj dey age , Manoj dey is  now 23 years (in 2020 ).  

Manoj dey youtube journey 

As you know Manoj Dey was born in  a middle class poor family. That is why there was always a problem of money in his family, at that time his father used to run a cycle repairing shop. Manoj Dey completed his elementary education till 12th from a government school. 

After 12th class, he wanted to do diploma and B.Tech, but due to lack of money, he could not do diploma and B.Tech and he started teaching tuition at the village itself and started doing ITI together. So that they can get some private job. 

In the meantime, a mobile came to him and from that mobile he started watching YouTube like the rest of the people. While watching videos on YouTube, he found a video whose thumbnail was how to earn money from YouTube. Just after watching this video, they started searching like how to earn money. In the end, he decided to start a YouTube channel. 

He had received a laptop gift from his father but had to sell it due to lack of money. But even then Manoj Dey thought of making YouTube, so he could not stop for the laptop, and maybe that’s why he started making videos from his mobile itself. 

But it is said that when you get addicted to some work, you cannot digest food without doing it, exactly the same thing happened with Manoj Deya and he decided to make a youtube channel. 

A month after the channel was disabled, he created his second channel named manoj Dey  , which we see today. After this Manoj Dey’s YouTube journey started. And today they have reached the point that people are taking motivation from them. 

Manoj dey youtube chanel

Manoj dey ke first youtube channel A month after being disabled  , he created his second channel and slowly he started growing and getting the love of the people. After this, today he has two famous YouTube channels, so let’s know about both of his YouTube channels. 

Manoj dey 

manoj dey youtube channel was created by manoj dey  on 24th november 2016. When Manoj Dey created this channel, he used to shoot his videos in the corner of the ladder, and he put the behind the scene of the ladder on YouTube, which went viral overnight and changed the fortunes of this channel.

This channel got a lot of love from the people. 
So that today more than one million people like this channel. Today this channel has 14.5 lakh subscribers, which is a big deal. The total watch time of this channel is 13,89,77,085. And the total video is 853. (according to january 2021 ).

On this channel Manoj Dey tells about youtube tips and tricks, unboxing, tech, news, review and app rewiew. 

Manoj dey vlog 

Manoj dey vlog is the second youtube channel of manoj dey which he started on 15th August 2018 and today this channel has about four lakh subscribers. (according to january 2021 ) and total views is 3,40,43,947. Manoj Dey uploads videos related to his routine, lifestyle, love and his travels on this channel. There are only 176 videos on this channel, yet this channel is performing very well. 

Manoj dey net worth

As you know that Manoj Dey has two famous channels. Due to being more popular, manoj dey youtube  channel gets the most views on this channel, and that is why they earn more from this channel. If we  talk about manoj dey ki monthly income , then  Manoj dey’s monthly income  is two to three lakh rupees. 

Manoj dey contact number 

If you want to contact Manoj Dey, then you can contact him through his Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn account. On giving manoj dey ka mobile number  , more and more calls start coming, due to which disturbance starts happening. Due to which the mobile number is not available.

Manoj dey Social media

Social Media NameUser IDFollowers
InstagramManojdey23240K Followers
FaceBookManojdey2340400 Followers
YouTube Manoj Dey20.8 lakh Subscribe
YouTubeManoj Dey Vlogs4.88 lakh Subscribe
TwitterManojDey2326k followers

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