Rajesh Kumar (FactTechz) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Family & More

FactTechz is the name of a youtube channel whose owner name is rajesh kumar. He himself writes voice over scripts for his channel. facttechz is a huge youtube channel.

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Rajesh Kumar (FactTechz) Biography

If you like watching facts videos then you must have seen factTechz videos on YouTube at some point or the other. It is one of the biggest educational/facts channels on YouTube. Have you ever wondered who is the founder of factTechz YouTube channel? So let’s find out today. The name of the founder of factTechz YouTube channel is Rajesh Kumar. 

Father:Under review
Mother:Under review
Brother:Under review
Sister:Under review
Famous Relatives:Not Known
Girlfriend:Not Known
Marital Status:Unmarried
Dating History:Not Known
Marriage Date:N/A


This is a YouTube channel on which you will get to see scientific and educational videos on almost every topic. The name of the owner of this channel is Rajesh Kumar. You will be surprised to know that Rajesh himself does the research, script and voice over for his YouTube videos.

Let us tell you that FactTechz is the only YouTube channel that became the first YouTube channel in India to have 1 million subscribers in 365 days. On 27 January 2017, this channel had 1 lakh subscribers, which in June 2017 became 1 million subscribers on this YouTube channel. 

On 16 August 2018, this channel had 5 million subscribers. This YouTube channel is growing very fast. The subscribers of this channel had increased to 10 million by 17 July 2019. In today’s time there have been 17.2 million subscribers on this YouTube channel.

FactTechz is the first YouTube channel in India that had completed 1 million subscribers in less than 365 days. Rajesh Kumar wrote in his about that, “Records are made to be broken,” but yes we were before. FactTechz is India’s 7th corporate YouTube channel which had completed 10 million subscribers within the time limit. FactTechz completed 10 million+ subscribers in just 2 years 11 months and 23 days. This channel is one of the top educational YouTube channel of YouTube.

Rajesh Kumar facttechz net worth

NetWorth:$ 5 Million
Salary:Not Known
Income Source:Youtuber

Rajesh Kumar facttechz Career

Rajesh Kumar started his YouTube channel on 24 July 2016. He started the channel only at the age of 16. The name of the first video of his channel is 10 facts about the earth , this video was uploaded on youtube on 18 september 2016.

NameRajesh Kumar
Youtube Channel NameFacttechz
Birthday1 April, 2000
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian

FactTechz face reveal date

FactTechz was about to reveal its face long ago, but later it made a promise to its viewers that I will not reveal the face until this channel has 10 million subscribers. 

The day the FactTechz YouTube channel gets 10 million subscribers, I will reveal my face. As promised to its viewers, 10 million subscribers on the FactTechz YouTube channel have been fulfilled and FactTechz has kept its promise and revealed its face on 17 July 2019.

Rajesh Kumar Family

Not much is known about his family because Rajesh has never officially told anything about his family. Rajesh has a younger sister named Deepika who is a youtuber, she also makes videos related to facts like her elder brother Rajesh. 

The name of her YouTube channel is Deepika Facts Girl. His YouTube channel currently has 103k subscribers. Deepika has uploaded 44 videos on her YouTube channel so far. His style of speaking is also similar to that of his elder brother Rajesh.

Rajesh Kumar facttechz Subscribers Milestone

 January 17, 2017100,000
 June 16, 20171 Million
October 3, 20172 Million
January  15, 20183 Million
May 15, 20184 Million
June 15, 20185 Million
October 11, 20186 Million
December 12, 20187 Millon
February 7, 20198 Million
15 April 20199 Million
July 17, 201910 Million
September 30, 201911 Million
December 15, 201912 Million
October 12, 202117.2 Million

Rajesh Kumar facttechz Social Media

Instagram:Click Here
Facebook:Click Here
Twitter:Click Here
YouTube:Click Here

Q1. FactTechz / Rajesh Kumar age

A. 21 Years

Q2. FactTechz / Rajesh Kumar Birthday

A. 1 April 2000

3Q. FactTechz / Rajesh Kumar Sister Name

A. Deepika

Q4. Facttechz Real Name

A. Rajesh Kumar

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