Sonu zomato Boy Biography, Family, Net Worth, Age & More

Hello friends, today I am going to tell about Sonu zomato Boy biography, because of Sonu’s Hussey has become very viral, people are making lots of memes on Sonu’s Husband. 

Sonu’s smile is very sweet because of its smile, it has become very viral, so let’s know something about Sonu, so let’s start.

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Sonu zomato boy biography

Sonu is born in Uttar Pradesh. Sonu’s real name is Sanjeev Kumar. Sonu currently lives in New Delhi. The name of Sonu’s parents is not known. Sonu’s family also has her parents-in-law and her elder two sisters who are married.

Sonu loves his mother very much. Sonu did his schooling from a private school in Uttar Pradesh. After this, he has completed his college studies from a goverment college. Sonu is a cheerful person.

Sonu zomato boy career

Before Sonu Jometto, he worked in a bank. After completing his studies, Sonu used to work in the bank, due to some reasons, he left the job of the bank. After this Sonu worked as a delivery boy in Delhi.

Sonu says that he enjoys doing these things because he can do this work with freedom and there is no holiday in it when the mind wants to go, ”Sonu is a food delivery boy.

Sonu lives in Delhi and Sonu works as a delivery boy in Zomato in Delhi. Sonu has become very famous due to his smile. While giving a smile recently, Sonu said that he works as a delivery boy in Jomato for 12 hours.

And earns 350 rupees in a day with incentive, and Sonu was asked if food is also available through Jomato, then Sonu told that the order which can be canceled by Jomato is the food that Sonu eats.

Sonu is very happy to do this work. Sonu tells that he gets his salary and food on time. Sonu has become very viral on social media due to his smile.

Boys and girls are doing a lot of dute on them on the platform of Tik Tok. Sonu has become very famous due to her smile, because of this smile of Sonu, intagrams are being made very meme on Facebook.

Sonu’s video has also become very viral on Tik Tok, Sonu’s smile has become more than a million fans so far. In a Tik Tok video of Sonu, he is asked what his full name is, Sonu says with his smile and says, “Now will we get our marriage done”.

Sonu used to make his own video on Tik Tok but gave up making Tik Tok videos due to the closure of Tik Tok. Many mims have also been made on Sonu’s smile.

Sonu is getting much love from the people on this smile of Sonu. Sonu is a very happy mood. This shows us that a person must smile at him under any circumstances.

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