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Hello friends have come with another success story and today’s Technical RipoN story is that of a blogger who does not work on any 1 or 2 blogs, but runs 200 -200 blogs simultaneously, and he manages these blogs from his village. We do. If you also want to know how he has recently built an office of 25Lakh, then read this story which will be very inspirational for you.  

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Friends, his name is Ripon Sahaji and he is from West Bengal. He has been blogging since last 5 years. He also has a YouTube channel in which he tells about blogging.

Technical RipoN Biography

Real NameRipon Sahaji
Nick NameTechnical Ripon
Date Of Birth26 Aug 1995
Birth PlaceWest Bengal
Home townWest bengal
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight65 Kg

Technical RipoN Blogging Journey

The talk is from 2015-2016 when a new feature of Group Invitation came on WhatsApp. In this, he used to create a new group on WhatsApp and add people through links. And gradually many people joined. 

He had also made a page on facebook, in which comments from many people started coming that add me to the WhatsApp group and people also started sharing their mobile number, only then an idea came in their mind that why not one on blogger (Blogspot).

The page should be created and in that page they started putting group links, shortened URL links of all these. So he saw that slowly many people had joined and the viwes also started coming well. So in this way his blogging journey had started.

Technical RipoN Truth of 200+ blogs 

Yes, friends, if we talk about them, then today they manage more than 200 blogs . But here if we talk about earning from these 200 blogs, then there are only 2-3 blogs of income source count. 

So in this way you can understand that it is not necessary that you also have to create 200 blogs to earn . If you work well with your hard work on one or two blogs, then you can definitely earn a good amount.

Technical RipoN office of 25 Lakhs

When he started blogging, he used to manage blogs and youtube at his home. But as his blogs grew, it was a difficult task for him to manage so many blogs at once, so he has built his own dream office of 25 lakhs. 

In which she and her entire team manage blogs and teach blogging to other people as well. And this has become possible only and only because of blogging. When he started blogging, he had a dream from the very beginning that I have a good camera, many gadgets and an office, and he has fulfilled this dream even today. 

Here one thing is to be learned from them that if you must dream and give your life to fulfill that dream, then no one can stop you from fulfilling that dream.  

how he learned blogging  

If we talk about blogging, then everyone definitely learns from somewhere like youtube or through someone else he comes in the blogging field.

Yes, friends, I was talking about where did he get the inspiration for blogging, then here he is. There used to be a community type forum in bengal in which people used to discuss about earning money online, blogging all these things. Then from there Ripon Ji learned about blogging.  

Difficulties faced while blogging 

Many difficulties have to be faced in starting any work and these difficulties can be in any form. It may also happen that in the beginning even your family members do not support you. And if you belong to the village then you have problems like home related, no computer, electricity problem etc. 

All these problems have to be faced. So similarly many difficulties had to be faced with Ripon Ji. As you would know that they belong to a very rural area. And at that time there was no electricity properly. And you will know how many problems have to be faced due to lack of electricity. 

At the same time, they used to have 1G or 2G in the name of internet, due to which the reload of websites used to face all these problems.  

Sudden failure in blogging 

There was a time when they were earning $70-$80 a day. And slowly their earnings were increasing. At one point of time, they felt that when they are earning so much now, there will be more later and this was the main reason for their failure. 

With this thought, he started working on his blog as well. And he left blogging and started making prank videos on youtube. And due to not posting posts in the blog for a long time, his earnings kept falling and at one point it came that he got a lot of work income for the month. Then he realized his mistake, but the time had already passed.

Technical RipoN net worth

If we talk about their monthly income, then they earn around 3 Lakh – 5 Lakh per month. Their income source is blogging and affiliate marketing. He also has a youtube channel. And even more, they earn up to $300-$500 a month. 

Technical Ripon Contact
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